" Meatsmith was born out of a question: Why couldn't jerky be a little better and why aren't protein bars made from simple meat-based ingredients?


The question was answered by creating a meat bar made with simple, nourishing ingredients and complemented with gourmet flavours. For the past two years we have worked together, along with chefs, food scientists, nutritionists, and dietitians, to create the Meatsmith product we all love."


- Nick Pecoskie

Founder, Lead Meatsmith


we deliver products free from compromise that are both gourmet and  nutritious


Re-imagining meat-based protein snacks with a focus on real ingredients, taste and nutrition. Like the expert blacksmith that forges using iron and steel, the Meatsmith crafts the perfect high protein snacks from Canadian grass-fed beef. Nothing but the best, exclusively sirloin cuts, locally and regionally sourced ingredients. The result is a promise of quality that is free from gluten, nuts, soy and dairy


Farm to pocket - supporting sustainable and local farming. We use only certified Canada-beef

Meatsmith: all for one and one for all

For the Students : Only The Best For You- Making sure our young generation gets the nutrition they need for learning today and for leading tomorrow.

For the Up and Coming Millennials : Knowing What You Want - Products that are as authentic and genuine as the people buying them. Made for the individual but is universally perfect for anything.

For the Ones in Motion : Ready for commuting to work or dropping the kids off or a snack for a camping trip, the portable protein pal that keeps you moving no matter what.

For the Boomers : Better Choices Now - Making every day on your terms. Investing in yourself and enjoying the decisions

The Meatsmith story is just the beginning. The Community is where the magic happens.