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    About the Smiths

    Re-imagine meat-based protein snacks with a focus on real ingredients, taste and nutrition. Recognizing that we are all bound by our basic human need for nourishment and our modern on-the-go lifestyles, we deliver products free from compromise that are both gourmet and nutritious. If that’s not lofty enough, we want to do this as a team of friends, have some fun while we’re at it, and contribute meaningfully to causes close to our hearts.

    This passionate group of friend-preneurs found both unity and purpose in developing something great, based on a few simple commonalities: 

    • We all love food and we try, most of the time, to nourish ourselves, our children, families and friends with the best food we can
    • We are all busy – cringe-worthy cliché. But diving deeper, we are all living our lives in motion, dividing our time between what we need to do and what we love to do, be that family, career, study, sport, wellness, fitness, and finding meaning in it all.

    And so Meatsmith was born out of a question: why couldn’t jerky be a little better and why aren’t protein bars made from simple meat-based ingredients? 

    That question was answered by creating a meat bar made with simple, nourishing ingredients and complemented with gourmet flavours.  Meatsmith then became our first brand within our company, Reign Gourmet Nutrition Inc.

    For the past two years we have worked together, along with chefs, food scientists, nutritionists and dietitians, to create the Meatsmith product.

    Nick, the leader of our pack of friend-preneurs, is a movie guy, and in thinking of how to introduce us to you, he remembered the quip made by George Clooney’s character in ‘Up in the Air’: “to know me is to fly with me.” Well, to know the Meatsmith/Reign Gourmet team is to sit around our makeshift board room (dining room) table on a Saturday morning. Eight of us in our 30s and 40s with one boomer thrown in for good measure; everyone bringing a different skill set to the table. Combined we have 11 kids under the age of 10 who fill the house with laughter and fun (mostly). This is our wheelhouse, this is where our magic happens. 

    Day to day, we are out there in the mix just like you, doing the best we can; and quite simply, we wanted a very specific product to complement our on-the-go lives. What we wanted was a meat snack – a protein snack that was pocket portable without the adverse attributes of traditional jerky or non-meat protein bars. At the same time, without daring to utter the word foodie, we wanted these bars to be legit – premium, delicious, wholesome and authentic. 

    About the Smiths - Meatsmith

    And that’s why, without being presumptuous, we think we know a little about you too. The people who supported us throughout our journey shared their thoughts and feelings about this product along with where they saw it fitting into their lives. So we hope you will join us now as valued customers. We hope you share your feedback, your suggestions and your #Meatsmithmoments with us so that we can see how our bars fit into your busy lifestyles.

    Here are some of the folks we’ve met over the past two years who loved our Meatsmith bars:

    • The Mompreneur
    • The no BS Millennial
    • The reinvigorated Boomer
    • The hardcore Athlete
    • The coffee shop side Hustler
    • The still-got-it Dad
    • The Canadian Highwayman
    • The junior hot dog Connoisseur
    • The lady-like desk Carnivore
    • The I don’t always, but I would eat this

    To get to know more about us, follow us on Facebook, Instagram and our blog, and also keep an eye on where we are out-and-about at events throughout this beautiful big country.

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