The Meatsmith Mentality

The Meatsmith Mentality

Welcome to Meatsmith – a name derived from the passion of being a maker.  While the blacksmith creates using iron and steel, we create high protein snacks from top quality meat, and we’re creating for you.  Our products will complement your busy lives and our goal is to deliver without compromise. 

What compromise, you might ask? The one we’ve all been making when looking for a source of portable protein: gourmet or nutritious? Read on and we’ll explain how we’ve worked this one out, but rest assured, you will find no compromises here. Meatsmith is where we forge together gourmet and nutritious in a premium. 

Premium is not a marketing tag line. Premium is our philosophical commitment, a promise we make to ourselves, to you and to our community.

For Meatsmith, being premium manifests in four fundamental aspects of our product that help us stand out:

  • The source of our beef: entirely Canadian pasture-raised grass-fed beef
  • The cut of our beef: exclusively sirloin. No blends or off-cuts
  • Our complementary ingredients: locally and regionally sourced berries, seeds, herbs, and veggies
  • Our process and promises: our production takes place in a federally licensed and certified Canadian facility, where we take our time preparing the product without any short-cuts. The result is a promise of quality that is free from gluten, nuts, soy, MSG and dairy.

We’ve made this for you as much as for our families and ourselves, and we’d love to hear from you. Thanks for checking us out!

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