Meat Bars vs Protein Bars: What’s the Difference and Which One is Best for You?

Meat Bars vs Protein Bars: What’s the Difference and Which One is Best for You?

You’re looking for a snack, something to keep you going, maybe right after your workout and give you the necessary sustenance for the day. But now you’re left with two options: a protein bar or a meat bar. They’re basically the same thing, right? Does it matter which is better for you or is there really a difference between the two? Here we’ll break down the two so it’s clear why meat bars are becoming more popular now than ever.

Protein bars are more well-known for being a quick and convenient way to get a pre or post-workout snack. And with the extra protein and nutrient intake with each bar, there is a misconception that they are the healthier choice. The fact is protein bars tend to be more processed, with more sugars and fats. While there are some bars made with organic ingredients that come from natural sources, there are too many options that are filled with preservatives, additives, unnecessary chemicals, and extra sugar that cancels out the health benefits that they may contain.

Meat bars are made to address all these concerns. First and foremost, they provide all the protein and nutrients that you’re looking for with natural and organic ingredients, like using exclusively natural fruits, vegetables, and spices. Most meat bars are also made of grass-fed beef, so they are more sustainable and health-conscious in comparison to protein bars. By adding only the necessary amount of sugar for taste and removing all excess preservatives, these bars offer an organic alternative packed with flavour at a low-calorie count - giving you everything a protein bar can, but better.

At the end of the day, both options are great for snacking and perfect for a workout energy boost. The decision of which is better is absolutely up to you and your lifestyle. For example, if you’re a long-distance runner, the National Academy of Sciences Institute of Medicine’s Food and Nutrition Board notes that you would need about 50% more protein than most people, meaning you should probably lean towards meat bars given their higher protein count than actual protein bars (Source). And if you’re someone who is trying to make sustainable food choices with your healthy eating journey, then the organic grass-fed beef in meat bars is better for your lifestyle than what’s inside protein bars. 

Meatsmith’s beef bars offer everything that we’ve described: from great taste to healthier ingredients to using sustainable practices that also support local Canadian farmers. As an organic meat bar, this is the perfect option for people looking for a hunger-quenching alternative for their day-to-day lives without all the question marks and uncertainties in protein bars and their extra preservatives and chemicals.

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