The musings of a Meatsmith; thank you, let’s eat.

Not knowing quite where to begin, but determined to get off on the right foot, let me begin with my most fundamental sentiment: thanks. Thank you for checking out Meatsmith. Thank you for your interest and for giving us a bit of your time. Further thanks if you liked what you saw enough to buy a premium meat bar off our e-shop. Or perhaps you had one of our bars out and about in your daily grind and it caused you to come check us out. Regardless of how you arrived, you are here and so for that and for your interest, thank you. My vision for Meatsmith was a tight group of friends (and family) determined to make a product that would fit our lives, that our friends would love, that our kids would actually eat and from that foundation, we could bring this product to a broader community of like-minded people. Rooted by three fundamental tenets, which will drive all the Meatsmith brand products: 1. Real 2. Gourmet 3. Nutrition. Not a choice of either, a promise of the three in unison.

The way I see it, we live during an incredible intersection of the self-determining control of the individual and the vastness of the collective. And what better way to reflect the contrast of our unique spot in time and space than through food. Where we live, the access to food we have and how we nourish ourselves, open up the world to us. Virtually any food, anytime; the limitations are almost non-existent. And yet, an intimacy remains between us as peopleand our food. Food is close to our hearts, our families, our memories. Food is personal. Making Meatsmith bars has been and continues to be personal for us.Simply put, we made something to eat, and we want to share it with you. In a rapidly expanding world, food has a wonderfully elastic effect, snapping us back into direct shared contact with each other. So to sum it up, we made a meat snack out of the finest Canadian grass-fed sirloin beef and we are thankful for the opportunity to share it with you. We hope you enjoy!

Cheers, Nick

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